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Thank you for visiting my site!

Here you will find images of custom shoes that I have made as well as the opportunity to purchase your own. Everything is made to order and completely customizable.

I began my business in 2014 making custom jewelry, clothing, handbags, shoes, and just about anything I could think of. Most of what I made was an experiment and expression of my personality ( I just like making things). Not long after, I began selling my work in local stores, craft fairs and online. My favorite thing to do was attend craft shows where I could meet other amazing makers, musicians, and fashionistas. 

After 6 months I opened up a studio with Sin Clarity Clothing in the Flat Iron Arts Building of Wicker Park, Chicago. We had great fun throwing events and sharing our skills. Together, we started an event company with a bunch of other talented local artists within the Chicago maker community.

After a great interest in continuing my education in shoe making I decided to pack up and leave for New York City to study shoe making with a collective of shoemakers in Brooklyn. There I studied, practiced, and honed my skills in every style of shoe I could think of. I applied my interests of sailing, hiking, and biking to my designs. Pretty soon I was teaching shoe making and selling custom shoes in New York City, Chicago & beyond.

One year into NYC, I left the shoe making collective in Brooklyn to started my own home studio in Manhattan where I spent each day creating custom shoes for clients, family, and friends. In the summer I would sit in Central Park hammering shoes and sharing my craft. It has been an adventure to say the least.

As of recent, I have moved my studio back to my hometown Chicago continuing to make and sell my shoes all around the country. I am currently transitioning into a new studio space within the city that you will hear about very soon. *hint: sign up for my newsletter!* 

I enjoy traveling to share my skills with others in hopes of reviving the importance of hand crafted goods. Feel free to watch my story on Instagram and my website, all shoes are for sale and custom order. Thank you!


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All shoes are designed and hand crafted from scratch in my studio. You may order a style that I have made, alter it, or come up with something completely new. The possibilities are endless, just shoot me an email!